Alannah Foley…
aka ‘The Pyjama Writer’

BIO PIC CIRCLE PNG2Born in Australia, raised in the UK, I’m a writer of both fiction & non-fiction and cover topics as diverse as capers in a campervan, the vagaries of living with an obsessive cyclist, adventures Down Under, and tales ‘full of twists, turns & tickles’.

In my twenties, I journeyed to my Aussie birthplace and got much more than I bargained for – especially since mozzies loved to use me for target practice! After five years, I returned to Old Blighty devoid of shark or snake bite and wrote my first-ever book, The Jacaranda Trail, about my adventures there. Two decades later, I made a return trip which I wrote about in Up a Creek Down Under.

My Tales from Corny Cove series features fun feel-good reads set in the picturesque county of Cornwall where I live in the southwest of England. And the Campervan Bushman Mysteries is a series with an edge of humour, a sense of adventure and a hint of romance starring Scott Chevalier, who’s kinda like a young Crocodile Dundee with a campervan & surfboard.

UPDATEI’ve now put blogging to one side for the moment. Unfortunately, servicing my many platforms has become very time consuming and left me feeling less focussed on writing books and other things I love doing.

The good news is, I occasionally post updates on social media, but the absolute-best ports of call for following me & getting the most up-to-date information on my work are as follows:

The Pyjama Writer website

Updated regularly with my latest news & writing projects.

My New Releases newsletter

This is a pester-free zone, where you’ll hear about upcoming books, early discounts on new releases, and a few other goodies exclusive to my Readers Group. That’s it! No spammy promotions or floods of emails! Simply click here to sign up.

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2 Responses to About

  1. Mighty fine blog you have here my friend. Just dropping by to say thank you for the reblog and everything, woo, my first reblog. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to your posts – happy blogging!

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