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WELCOME to the blog of

Alannah Foley… aka ‘The Pyjama Writer’

Author of Cycling Widows, Campervan Capers, and
Tales ‘Full of Twists, Turns & Tickles’

* * *

Hi, I’m Alannah, and I created this site to complement my main website at

For technical reasons, my website is having to be rebuilt, so please be aware that some of the links on this blog will be out of action for a while.

This blog has also gone through its own changes recently,
so if you used the old web address to access this page,
please remember to update the link to
I’ll be letting you know when the Pyjama Writer website is back in full swing, so stay tuned, or subscribe to the blog for updates.

On the blog, I post information such as the
latest news
freebies & offers
author insights
book release dates
plus a
quick tour of my work

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