UPDATE: My bookshelf gets fuller with every year that passes, and I’ve been finding it time consuming to stay on top of my various platforms. So I’ve now put blogging to one side for the moment in favour of focussing on writing books and other things I love doing.

The good news is, I occasionally post updates on social media, but the absolute-best ports of call for following me & getting the most up-to-date information on my work are as follows:

The Pyjama Writer website

Updated regularly with my latest news & writing projects.

My New Releases newsletter

This is a pester-free zone, where you’ll hear about upcoming books, early discounts on new releases, and a few other goodies exclusive to my Readers Group. That’s it! No spammy promotions or floods of emails! Simply click here to sign up.

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Below are just SOME of my titles. Click here to visit my website for an up-to-date view of what’s on my shelf.

The Campervan Bushman Mystery Series

A series of light, cosy-style mysteries with an edge of humour, a sense of adventure & a hint of romance starring Scott Chevalier – someone who’s part campervan-surfer, part Crocodile Dundee, you might say. Prequel story free via signup inside each book.


The Tales from Corny Cove Series

Life in a Cornish Paradise… What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Find out in this series of fun feel-good reads set in a picturesque holiday location. Get each tale as an individual ebook or in a 5-tale boxset. Prequel story free via signup inside each tale.


Campervan Capers

Light-hearted yet practical books for the aspiring or newbie campervanner.

Campervan Capers series covers


Other Travel Tales

Check out my Aussie travel tales for some adventures as well as personal insights in The Jacaranda Trail and Up a Creek Down Under.



The Cycling Widows Series

A series of satirical works designed for the new or seasoned Cycling Widow, who has to contend with the fallout of her partner’s cycling obsession on a daily basis.  Get the Survival Guide for free (at most outlets), which contains a dedicated Revenge Toolkit and Agony Aunt column.

The Cycling Widows trio

Standalones & Short Stories


I’ve also written several standalone works of fiction such as the action-adventure novel Cyclopathic Tendencies, and a range of short stories.  So why not check out the Books page of my website and the Short Stories pages of my website to see what’s currently on my bookshelf?


You might also like to check out the
A travel & photo blog of some of my early mini adventures.

 Don’t want to miss out on new books coming out? Click here to get my ‘pester-free’ New Releases newsletter (ie no spam, no promotions!)…

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Alannah Foley - aka The Pyjama Writer






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