FREE Cosy Mystery

FREE this weekend - Deathbed of Roses

My latest mystery in the Campervan Bushman Mystery Series, DEATHBED OF ROSES, is free THIS WEEKEND (25 & 26 June) on Amazon, so if you like a light, cosy-style mystery, why not check it out?

As I mentioned in a previous post, it stars Scott Chevalier, someone who’s a bit like a young Crocodile Dundee with a campervan & surfboard…  Travelling from location to location with the Campervan Bushman TV show, the film crew’s stop-off in this book is the Barrington-Bowles manor estate.  But it isn’t long before someone gets murdered – yes, it’s the dashing celebrity gardener, Simon Sinclair.  But who could possibly have wanted to kill him?

Find out in Deathbed of Roses!

CLICK HERE to get it now so you don’t miss out on the offer…  The book’s been on Kindle Unlimited for a while, but will shortly be going wide on all platforms…



If you enjoy the Campervan Bushman series, why not pick up the prequel story, WIPEOUT, for free by joining my Reader’s Group?  Just click here to get started.


WHAT ELSE is new?

I’ve recently made Killer Climate – book 1 in the Campervan Bushman Mystery Series – free on all major platforms, and am coming along nicely with the draft of book 3 – Criminal Intent.  Cover reveal coming soon.

Coming Soon... FREE New Short Story

Also coming soon is a new short story called More Money than Sense which I’ll be publishing on all platforms for free.

On top of all that, I’ve also reduced the price on the Cycling Widows box set, which includes Cycling Widows books 1 & 2, along with a Cycling Widow’s Survival Guide featuring a Revenge Toolkit and Agony Aunt Column – all tongue-in-cheek, of course!

Right then, I’m off to chill out for a while.  I hope you’ll remember to SHARE my work on your favourite social media network if you feel you’ve enjoyed any of my writing!

Happy reading!

Alannah Foley
aka the ‘Pyjama Writer’

Alannah Foley - aka The Pyjama Writer






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