Killer Climate MYSTERY – FREE Early Preview

Mystery - FREE Early Preview

As mentioned in my recent blog, I’ll be shortly be releasing KILLER CLIMATE, the first book in my new Campervan Bushman Mystery Series.  And I’m here today to let you know that I’m now giving away free ‘taster’ copies of the book.

Yep, now I’ve hit the PUBLISH button on my website, Part One of KILLER CLIMATE is now available for you to unleash your very own copy.  The book is written with an edge of humour, a sense of adventure and a hint of romance, so if you fancy checking it out, why not pop on over to the Campervan Bushman Mystery Series page of my website where you can read the full blurb and download your free sample?

Click to find out more

Note: Part One is

Now, if by some miracle you’ve stepped through time and have now read the sample Part One, you might be on tenterhooks, enthusiastically awaiting the launch of Killer Climate, right?  Well, if that’s the case, here are a few BIG REWARDS for you eager beaver fans:

  • In Part One, there’s a signup link where you can get a free copy of WIPE OUT.  This is a great little bonus behind-the-scenes story about how the Campervan Bushman was borne.
  • If you order Killer Climate BEFORE THE LAUNCH on 6th December, you’ll get it at a low introductory price, AND…
  • If you preorder the book, you’ll be getting a SPECIAL, AUTHOR-SIGNED copy!

BUSH HATIf that’s got you JAZZED…

…why not tell any mystery-loving friends & family about it so they can download their own free sample copy before the launch?  Simply paste the link to this blog on your favourite social network, or use the links below to get on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ in a wisp!

I look forward to sharing a few sneak peeks at Killer Climate with you over the coming weeks.  And in the meantime, I’ll see you tomorrow in the FREEBIE MONDAY slot.

Best regards, and hope you enjoy reading Part One!

Alannah Foley - aka The Pyjama Writer
Alannah Foley

aka the ‘Pyjama Writer’





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