NEW Mystery Series

New MYSTERY Series

 Ex-surf champ and model, Scott Chevalier, isn’t just a pretty face!

With an enviable campervan-surfie lifestyle, and a handful of impressive bush skills learnt from his grandfather, I’ve recruited this (fictional!) character as the main attraction in my new Campervan Bushman Mystery Series.

CAMPERVANUp till now, my writing has been quite diverse, with non-fiction books like Campervan Capers and Cycling Widows on the one hand, and fiction such as Tales from Corny Cove on the other. So I thought it was about time I ‘settled down’ for a while into one genre – and if you love mysteries, this is the place to be!

KILLER CLIMATE, the first book in the new series, sees our Aussie hero, Scott Chevalier, ending up in England to host the Campervan Bushman TV show, and the story kicks off with the death of the director. To all intents and purposes, it seems like an accident. However, as the story unravels, it’s clear to Scott that the cold British climate he’s having to contend with isn’t the only killer around.

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MORE ABOUT the series…
With each book in the series, the film crew visits a different location in Britain, allowing them to soak up a new environment and stumble upon a new mystery.

BUSH HATWritten in the ‘cosy’ (or ‘cozy’ if you’re in the US!) mystery style (ie no gory blood & guts splashed over the page, etc), the books have an edge of humour, a sense of adventure, and a hint of romanceAnd with Scott’s love of surfing & VW campers, it’s bound to appeal to those who enjoy the camping lifestyle, too.

Sound GOOD?  Get Part One FREE

With KILLER CLIMATE due out at the start of December, I’ll shortly be giving away ‘taster’ copies of the book for a LIMITED PERIOD ONLY.

If you’d like to get a FREE copy of Part One of KILLER CLIMATE, just sign up to my New Releases newsletter via the link below and I’ll email you the minute it becomes available.

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a few sneak peeks at the book over the coming weeks…

TTFN (Ta ta for now), folks!

Alannah Foley - aka The Pyjama Writer
Alannah Foley

aka the ‘Pyjama Writer’



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    This is such an amazing post. I really love your blog so much and in turn cannot stop reading all of your posts!

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