Cycling Widows 2 – LAUNCH TODAY!

Cycling Widows 2

Well, it looked like the flood of Sneak Peeks at my book, Cycling Widows 2, would never end on the blog these past few weeks, but now they have, it means I can happily announce that the book is finally published and available to download in a range of formats – for just about every eReader, to read on your computer screen or to print off at home.

For more info & links to your favourite outlets, just click to visit the Cycling Widows 2 page on my website.

The Trials & Tribulations

of Living with an Obsessive Cyclist

Cycling Widows 2

The book is currently at a low introductory price, so get it while it’s hot.  The offer won’t last much longer!

Below is a bulleted list of the offers I’ve been running prior to the launch.  The Survival Guide is permanently free, but everything else expires soon

Cycling-Related Books by Alannah Foley


By the way, if you’ve downloaded the free Survival Guide, or the new Cycling Widows sequel, you’ll notice there’s a link at the start of the book to get a free download of bonus material when you sign up to my Pyjama Writer Newsletter.  What you get is a satirical piece created especially for Cycling Widows called OLD MAN SYNDROME, all about living with (yet) another nightmare cycling affliction.

But you don’t need to download either of these books to get the free bonus material.  You can just as easily sign up to the newsletter via the link below…  The webpage this takes you to will also give you the option to download an alternative piece – a light-hearted short story called MORE MONEY THAN SENSE.  Click below to find out more…

Picture link to newsletter sign-up


As well as working on a completely new project,
I’ll also be making in-roads towards publishing a Cycling Widows paperback which will incorporate both the original ebook and the sequel.  So keep your eyes peeled for news on that coming up in future blogs.

FREEBIE MONDAY will also continue next week – although I’ve been a little circumspect so far as to whether I’m continuing with chapters from the original Cycling Widows book or posting something completely different.  Tune in next Monday to find out what’s on offer, or subscribe to the blog so as not to miss out.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading Cycling Widows 2!  Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments box below.

Kind regards

Alannah Foley



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