DISCOUNTED eBOOKS – Limited Time Only!

Cycling-Related Books by Alannah Foley

What with us moving into Tour de France ‘Silly Season’ next month, and the launch of my Cycling Widows sequel following hot in its tracks on Saturday, 1 August, I’ve decided to reduce the price of all my cycling-related ebooks.

Until the launch, you’ll be able to get what I call my ‘his & hers’ cycling books at a discount with all the major retailers!  So, in case you weren’t sure which books we’re talking here, they’re the ones below…

Cycling Widows picCycling Widows

Cycling Widows 2 book coverCycling Widows 2
(available for preorder)


CYCLOPATHIC TENDENCIES - Alannah Foley's forthcoming novel set in the world of cyclingCyclopathic Tendencies
(discount doesn’t apply to paperback, sorry)

Just click on a book title above and you’ll be magically transported to my website where you can find out more and link to your favourite retailer.

Despite trying to reduce all the books to 99 cents (or international equivalent), I’ve once again had trouble with doing so on Amazon.  So apologies for that.  Hopefully contacting their Help team will result in a further price reduction, but don’t hold your breath just in case this takes a while…  The good news is that you still can get them all at a good discount on Amazon!

A forewarning to readers that these prices will go back up after the launch of Cycling Widows 2! So get them now while they’re hot, and spare giving yourself a heart attack when you inadvertently check them out after the launch and shockingly discover – oops, no more discount!

Remember, you can also download
The Cycling Widow’s Survival Guide
for FREE

The Cycling Widows Survival Guide

A satirical ‘lifeline’ ebook featuring a
Revenge Toolkit & Agony Aunt column
for the new or seasoned Cycling Widow

The PERFECT GIFT for any Cycling Widow,
what with the imminent arrival of the Tour de France!
So please pass on the link!

Stayed tuned on the blog for some Sneak Peeks at the sequel to get your juices flowing, coming shortly. 

I currently do all the promotion for my books, so please help me spread the news by passing on the link to family & friends – especially if they’re into cycling or are living with a cycling nut!  Many thanks!

I’ll see you again tomorrow evening for the weekly FREEBIE MONDAY post where you can read the next chapter of Cycling Widows for free.

Alannah Foley



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