Cycling Widow’s SURVIVAL GUIDE – FREE on Amazon!

BANNER-NOW-FREE-on-AmazonAs mentioned on the blog a few days ago, you can now get my satirical FREE eBOOK, The Cycling Widow’s Survival Guide from major outlets such as Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Although it’s been available on Amazon, however, I had to wait for them to price-match it to their competitors before I could announce it was free on their site.

Well, there’s some good news & bad news!

I’ve emailed them a couple more times now and they’ve now zeroed the price – but apparently only on the .com and sites!  In order for them to zero it in the rest of the world where Amazon has its reach, I have to show proof (in the form of links) that the book is available on competitor platforms in all those other countries.  Not an easy task when I don’t live in those other countries!

So, dear reader, if you live outside America or the UK, and you see that the price on Amazon is STILL NOT zero, please kindly click on the TELL US ABOUT A LOWER PRICE link beneath the book’s description on Amazon and give them the link to where the book is available for free.

Unfortunately, it sounds like we’ll all have to give little old Amazon a bit of a nudge so they’ll put authors’ offerings out for free.  Still, to give them their due, they have responded a bit quicker than I thought with the zero price – having heard other author reports that they tend to be a little sluggish.

If, in the meantime, you’d really like to get a free copy of The Cycling Widow’s Survival Guide for your Kindle and it’s not zeroed on your country’s Amazon, remember that Smashwords also offer the book in Kindle format – along with just about every other format you could want – including screen-readable and printable formats!

If you haven’t already checked the book out, why not visit the Cycling Widow’s Survival Guide page of my website for all the info & links?

See you again next week for the fourth chapter of Cycling WidowsTwiddling my Widowy Thumbs – in the FREEBIE MONDAY slot!

Alannah Foley



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