Dirty Little SECRETS & Website HIJACKINGS

The Pyjama Writer website

If you’re a follower of what goes on in my little writing world, you may have noticed over the past few months that my website & blog appear to have been hijacked. Yep, the old Foley’s Forum header has definitely disappeared – and in its place is the name of some strange persona called The Pyjama Writer. So what the heck’s been going on here?

Well, as the new year rolled in, I began toying with the idea of updating my website name to one I’ve been using in jest for quite some time at home: The Pyjama Writer.

So, where does this name originate? Does it come from an unquenchable thirst for writing about comfy night-wear? Err… no! It’s, well, because… I just love to do my writing… wearing… yes, PYJAMAS!

P-H-E-W!  I’ve finally fessed up!

Some might think of writing as a noble art, an undertaking which requires us to dress seriously for the part. Not something where you’d slob about all day looking like someone who’s on day release from the local ‘happy home’.

Yet, I have to confess, for so long now, my writing life has consisted of me getting up in the wee hours, throwing on my dressing gown, making a hot cup of tea and firing up the computer to get busy on my latest book project. And, pitifully, this state of affairs can sometimes go on for hours!

So now that I’ve stepped out of the closet and admitted my ‘dirty little secret’, I have to tell you that, being able to dress in such slovenly work gear really is one of life’s great delights. I mean, how many people can turn up at their jobs every day looking so dishevelled and purposeless? (Although, personally, I think such attire would completely revolutionise working life as we know it – but don’t get me started on that one!)

I got to wondering whether other writers shared my penchant for writing clad in PJs & dressing gown, and discovered one or two articles and blogs alluding to this very topic. But what I didn’t find was anyone who had gone the whole hog and named themselves after their habit. So why not adopt the title? I thought.

For a while yet, the old Foley’s Forum domain name is being automatically forwarded to the new Pyjama Writer website & blog, but as this facility won’t last forever, please remember to update to the new addresses as follows:

The Pyjama Writer website: www.thePyjamaWriter.com
The Pyjama Writer blog: http://thePyjamaWriter.wordpress.com

On top of all this, I’ve also had some technical issues with my website recently and had to rebuild it (I’ll spare you the details!), so if you’ve saved any page links off my website in the past few weeks, you’ll need to update those in your favourites as well.

Whether you’re one of my diehard fans, or new to my work, why not wing it over to my new Pyjama Writer website and check out my latest books or pick up a free download?

Did you know that blog posts can be like waiting for buses?  Just when you thought it was all quiet, along come two or three!  In this vein, you can expect another post or two in the near future…  I’m looking into adding a newsletter sign-up facility to my website for eager readers, and I’ve now finished the first draft of my latest book, so there’ll be plenty to blog about.

If you don’t want to miss out on the latest news, why not subscribe to the blog? Just click FOLLOW at the top of this page (if you’re logged into WordPress) or pop your email address in the box on the right-hand panel & click the “I’m keen!” subscribe button.

Now, in this blog, I’ve stepped out of the shadows & shared my little ‘closet secret’ (albeit a flippant one) so if you have one of your own, why not share it? – especially if it’s an amusing one that others may enjoy.  Just pop it in the COMMENTS section at the bottom of the blog… Err… but keep it clean, eh? 😉

Alannah Foley



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