Cyclopathically FREE FACEBOOK offer – TODAY ONLY!

Visit the Cyclopathic Tendencies Facebook page for an offer - TODAY ONLY!Do you ever wonder what it’s like to cycle out in heavy rain?  Well, I found out yesterday, when me & my cycling-obsessed partner decided to go for a jolly morning spin out on the country lanes.

The weather forecast reckoned that rain wasn’t due until the afternoon.  How wrong could it be?  For it came down in torrents in what was predicted to be merely a cloudy spell.  Thanks a bunch, free weather app!  Still, what can you expect from something that’s free, eh?

Well, let’s not get too cynical.  Maybe free things aren’t that bad.  After all, we do get the WordPress blog platform for free, don’t we?  And, of course, TODAY ONLY, you can pick up my latest novel, Cyclopathic Tendencies, for FREE as well.  (See how I turned things around there?)

So, if you’ve got a Facebook account, why not hop on over to the Cyclopathic Tendencies Facebook page and pick up all the info on how to get your freebie?

OFFER ENDS TODAY – Sunday (16th November).  FYI, this is the ebook version of the book, and you DON’T even need an eReader to read it – just select a printable format for yourself!  Links to the paperback are on the Cyclopathic Tendencies page of my website.

Please feel free to pass on the offer to family & friends who are into cycling or like a bit of action/adventure and humour.

CYCLOPATHIC TENDENCIES - an action/adventure novel set in the world of cycling

Cyclopathic Tendencies
An action/adventure-style novel with a twist of humour

Set in the world of cycling

Well, after our major soaking outdoors, we’re dried off & back in the warm now.  Let’s just hope this freebie offer is more reliable than the weather forecast.  Suffice to say, I shall be seeking a better forecast app!

Alannah Foley


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