One Offer Ends, Another Begins – Kindle Matchbook!

My poor little finger!

Do you know how hard it is to type when you’ve cut the tip of your index finger and have it bound up in a stumpy plaster?  (By the way, that’s ‘Band Aid’ if you’re an Aussie – although, confusingly, ‘Band Aid’ in England, where I live, refers to a charity pop music venture)?

To answer my own question – typing is not that easy.  But I guess I am at least fortunate enough to have the rest of my digits intact and have still been able to use my index finger this week, albeit with some pain every time it hits a key.  But let’s soldier onward and ramble on instead about my latest news (by way of distraction, of course!)…

Now, remember how I set the digital version of my latest book, Cyclopathic Tendencies, at a ridiculously-low introductory price?  And remember how I was going to end the offer around about last weekend?  Well it’s still at the reduced price!  (And the change of plan has nothing to do with a painful finger.)

The low price will come to an end over the next few days, and there will probably be a bit of a time lag, with the new price showing on different platforms sooner rather than later.  So hunt around if you can’t find it at a reduced price of around 99 cents US or 77p UK (purchase links on the Cyclopathic Tendencies page on my website).


Now then, this next offer is both a blessing and a curse, you might say…  I’ve now enrolled all my paperbacks in Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook programme.  On the bright side, this means it’s cheaper if you buy a paperback & ebook together.

On the down side, my avid (and oft-confusing) research into how my dear readers could actually avail themselves of this offer led me to eventually discover that Matchbook is only available to folk in the good old US of A.  So, unfortunately, none of my ardent UK fans can benefit from this.

So, below are the dedicated links for American readers, where you can save a couple of dollars by purchasing the paperback & ebook together:

Tales from Corny Cove by Alannah Foley

Life in a Cornish Paradise…  What could Possibly go Wrong?

CYCLOPATHIC TENDENCIES - Alannah Foley's forthcoming novel set in the world of cycling

An action/adventure-style novel set in the world of cycling

Campervan Capers by Alannah Foley

A Couple’s First Year Exploring the World of Campervanning

The Jacaranda Trail by Alannah Foley

A Journey of Discover Down Under

I look forward to getting a new version of my Cycling Widows book in print in the new year and adding this to the Kindle Matchbook list as well.

Sorry I can’t put this offer out to anyone outside America – yet!  I’m sure Amazon will one day have the foresight to include the rest of the world (which is in fact slightly bigger than America) in the Matchbook offer.

Anyway, I’ll end here, and hope you’ll consider just how much pain I’ve had to go through to put out this blog.  It’s been truly excruciating.  Well, I might just be milking things a tad there.  In fact, I think it might be time I stopped snivelling & slipped into gratitude mode instead.

So here’s to the wonders of the human body and to putting out a few more blogs – and fantastic offers – yet (hopefully pain-free)!

Alannah Foley





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