CYCLOPATHIC TENDENCIES - Alannah Foley's forthcoming novel set in the world of cyclingRegular blog followers will know that my latest book, Cyclopathic Tendencies, is being released tomorrow in ebook format (paperback to follow shortly).  So, why not have yet another sneak peek?

Set in the world of cycling, Cyclopathic Tendencies is an action/ adventure-style novel with a twist of humour.  And, as you might’ve noticed from reading the blurb (on the Cyclopathic Tendencies page of my website) or the sneak peek in the last blog, the book also addresses the topic of drugs that has been so rife in cycling.

Anyway, as promised, here’s your last sneak peek – a short but dramatic scene featuring pro cyclist, Mark Bradley, one of the hopefuls selected to contend for this year’s Tour de France team.  Here, he’s out riding alone round the grounds of the Masterton Training Facility owned by Professor Masterton – and finds more than he’d bargained for…

Mark pedalled on past a clump of trees that were coming into leaf nearby, breathing in a deep lungful of air. As he revelled in its delicious crispness, he felt blessed. He was enjoying the facilities here at the manor, he thought. And, now that he’d got a chance at doing road riding as a profession, everything seemed to be going his way. He’d finally made it.

Mark was jolted out of his reverie by a sudden loud bang not far away to his right. It sounded like gun fire. The sort he’d heard on his uncle’s farm when they were popping off rabbits.

He free-wheeled for a moment, frowning as he swivelled his head to look round in the direction of the sound. He was stunned when he finally spotted two figures up on the hill. Was he seeing clearly? One was lying on the ground.

What the hell…? Mark’s heart raced. Someone hadn’t been shot, had they? Surely not. Things like that didn’t happen on a civilised estate like the Professor’s – did they?

As the next shot rang out, the figure still standing crumpled to the ground. Mark blinked in disbelief. Were his eyes just blurring in the cool air?

He squinted, but the figures were still there. Lying on the ground. And they weren’t moving.

[Short & Sweet…  End of Sneak Peek!]

I’m looking forward to the launch of Cyclopathic Tendencies tomorrow and hope you’ll join me.  The book is available to preview & preorder now, and I’ll be holding the ridiculously-low introductory price for a limited period only.  So get it while it’s hot!

Remember!  Although this is the launch of the ebook version of the novel, it’s downloadable in both eReader and printable formats.  All the relevant info & links are on the Cyclopathic Tendencies page of my website.  And, as mentioned, the paperback‘s in preparation for publication – so if you prefer a physical book to read, one is on its way.

…for the novel’s launch.  If you’d like to receive news & offers on  my work, feel free to FOLLOW or SUBSCRIBE to the blog if you haven’t already, or why not LIKE the Cyclopathic Tendencies Facebook page, or FOLLOW me on Twitter?

I’ll end by sharing a pedal-related quote that gave me a chuckle…

Let’s have a moment of silence for all those who are stuck in traffic on their way to the gym to exercise on stationary bicycles.

Alannah Foley


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