CYCLOPATHIC TENDENCIES - Alannah Foley's forthcoming novel set in the world of cycling“Welcome to Masterton Training Facility… where breeding the perfect cycling athlete takes on a whole new meaning!” So begins the blurb for my forthcoming novel, Cyclopathic Tendencies.

If you missed the previous blog, the book is an action/adventure-style story threaded with humour and is set in the world of cycling. To read the full blurb, click to read it on the Cyclopathic Tendencies page of my website.

The book is currently being prepared for its imminent release, so I thought I’d tease you with a little sneak peek. The following is the novel’s prologue, which I hope will whet your appetite:

Beeeeeeeep! The driver of the 4×4 screeched to a halt and slammed a fist on the horn as a cyclist flew like a bat out of hell from a blind side lane. He only just avoided hitting him. Driving in the countryside was dangerous enough without twits like that flouting the rules of the road. What the hell’s he doing, swerving round the corner like that?

Mark pedalled on, huffing and puffing up the country lane, ignoring the driver’s horn. There was no time to stop now. His life was in peril. It certainly would be ironic if he were to die now, he thought, mashed in an instant under the wheels of some vehicle, after he’d just managed to escape some hideous fate back at Masterton Manor.

The driver started shaking his fist and shouting obscenities when two other cyclists swung out in hot pursuit, panting and sweating, speeding up the road as though they were gunning for first place in the Tour de France. “Bloody idiots!” he shouted, as if they could hear him. “I’ve got right of way here!”

Mark cycled on ahead for a few more miles at full pelt, eventually collapsing in an exhausted heap on an open grassy verge. He could only hope it would be safe here.

Mark lay against the wide bough of a tree, catching his breath and was chomping into an energy bar when Larry and Paul arrived.

“Blimey! I’m pooped!” gasped Paul as he tossed his bike down and slumped against the tree next to Mark. “I can’t believe I’m so knackered after such a short ride.”

“It’s the adrenalin,” said Larry, crouching down and handing Paul a plastic bidon of water. “Here, drink. The danger may not be over yet, my friend!”

Mark laid his head against the tree. A tidal wave of exhaustion washed over him as memories floated in and out of his mind. How had things come to this? he wondered, closing his eyes.

Just a few months ago, everything had seemed perfect. There he was, Mark Bradley, one of the youngest ever cyclists selected as a hopeful contender for this year’s Tour de France. He’d been given access to state-of-the-art training facilities at Masterton Manor and he’d been sponsored by one of the world’s leading corporations – all in all, he was on his way up, the outlook rosy.

But it wasn’t long before the cream of Masterton Manor began to go sour and their very lives were on the line.

[Sorry, folks…  End of Prologue = End of Sneak Peek!]

Well, I hope you enjoyed that and are hungry to read the rest of the book!

I’ll keep you posted as my (bestselling!?) novel’s release date draws near. As mentioned in the previous blog, I’m also continuing with the revamp of my Cycling Widows book, which will incorporate a Cycling Widows’ Survival Guide. So watch out for updates on that coming up soon as well.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the prologue – look out for more news soon!

Alannah Foley


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