On Censorship and Education

Thought this might interest a few of my blog readers, so am passing it on. Even though Belinda’s situation is in America, I think this applies to us all.

Belinda Y. Hughes: Writing, Editing & Social Media

After recent events in Ferguson, MO, I could not believe my eyes when I saw a tweet the other day for a petition against Jefferson County (CO) Public School Board’s censorship of curricula. Since the petition did not contain links to the controversial resolution and teacher-student peaceful protests, which the proposed curriculum review committee would prohibit referencing in classroom materials, I did a little research and confirmed for myself that this is really happening in the United States in 2014.

The primary issue at stake seems to be the censorship of curriculum, aka teaching materials. Since teaching materials include textbooks, software, websites and other media, this amounts to censorship in general, which is why you’re reading about this issue on a writing blog.

One easy way to break free of the censorship grip of elected officials is to homeschool. When you engage in homeschooling, you take back the power to…

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