Tales from Corny Cove – LOW PRICE ENDING

Tales from Corny Cove by Alannah FoleyHave you got your copy of Tales from Corny Cove yet? If not, you’d better hurry…  The low introductory price is ending soon!

After the end of September, the price will rise to the book’s normal selling price.

If you haven’t already checked out the book yet, pop on over to the Tales from Corny Cove page on my website. All sales outlets on there let you preview a good chunk of the book for free.  So why not kick back with a hot cuppa, put your feet up and have a read? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

What’s to lose? Absolutely nothing!

No eReader is necessary to read the Tales from Corny Cove ebook (printable & screen-readable versions are available). However, if you prefer reading hard copy, check out the links on my website for the paperback.

If you haven’t already, sign up to the blog (via the “I’m keen! Sign me up!” button in the right-hand panel) to hear about discounted offers on all my work in the future AND to find out about my latest book project…

My forthcoming novel has been under wraps so far, but I can tell you that it’s due out some time before Christmas.  As with my (non-fiction) book, Cycling Widows, it’s set in the world of cycling and I’m looking forward to sharing more in a blog soon.  Exciting stuff, eh?

Alannah Foley


About Alannah Foley

Alannah Foley... aka 'The Pyjama Writer' Author of Light Mysteries, Short Fiction, Travel Tales, and more... To find out more go to www.thepyjamawriter.com
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