PAPERBACK out NOW! – Tales from Corny Cove

Tales from Corny Cove by Alannah FoleyFollowing hot on the heels of the digital release of Tales from Corny Cove (Life in a Cornish Paradise… What could Possibly go Wrong?) comes a new paperback version published via CreateSpace.

WHERE can I GET the book?
My latest book is about a couple, Henry and Margaret, who move down south to run a campsite in Cornwall. But along the way, they discover that ‘living the dream’ can sometimes involve dealing with a few nightmares, too.

So if this sounds like something that might take your fancy, why not pop on over to CreateSpace or, where you can read the full blurb, sample the book for free and purchase online with just a few clicks?

I’ve just had my own paperback copy through the post and am very pleased with how it’s turned out.

You can also purchase a digital copy at a lower price than the paperback from outlets such as Amazon (links above), Apple, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. As you may know, Smashwords offers the widest range of formats (for just about every eReader – including the Kindle!) as well as a PDF format you can print off at home.

Remember! For the rest of July, you can get Tales from Corny Cove from Smashwords TOTALLY FREE, after which the price will rise. Click to see my last blog for more info before the offer ends.

Although I offer my work in digital format in keeping with the times, I think there’s nothing quite like holding a physical book in your hands – especially if it’s one you’ve written yourself. But, whichever format you buy in, I hope you’ll enjoy reading Tales from Corny Cove as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Alannah Foley


About Alannah Foley

Alannah Foley... aka 'The Pyjama Writer' Author of Light Mysteries, Short Fiction, Travel Tales, and more... To find out more go to
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