COMING SOON… Tales from Corny Cove

Check out the book on the Foley's Forum websiteSince releasing my illustrated children’s ebook, Slowcoach Sid (NOT the Fastest Snail in the Garden!), more has been going on behind the scenes…

Coming soon is the release of a novel-length book called Tales from Corny Cove.  Subtitled ‘Life in a Cornish paradise… What could possibly go wrong?’, it’s clear from the start that Henry and Margaret, who move down to Cornwall (that’s the one in England, not Ontario!) to run a campsite, are bound to discover that ‘living the dream’ sometimes involves a few nightmares, too.

I describe the five tales as full of twists, turns and tickles, with the bespectacled Henry having a hard time from the likes of ‘Rusty’ Gates, the obnoxious red-bearded farmer next door, and campers like the brutish Mr Botherham and unruly Mrs Gladstone on site.

The background to the book draws its inspiration from the picturesque landscape and natural world I feel lucky to have on my doorstep where I live in Cornwall, with the campsite set in a fictitious coastal setting based on real-life places.

I hope you’ll also enjoy the new look of my Foley’s Forum website, which I’m in the process of revamping.  Why not visit the new Tales from Corny Cove page for more information on the book and check out the website?

These days, writers rely on cyber word of mouth – amongst other things – to spread news about their work.  So I’ll soon be adding a BUZZ page to my website, with lots of ways for you to share my work if it takes your fancy.  Stay tuned for the link – all help appreciated.  If you’re a fan of my work, you can add yourself to my exclusive mailing list by emailing me (email link on my website) – you’ll be among the first to receive special offers & discounts.

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