Launch of a Slowcoach – Check out the New Kids’ Book

SLOWCOACH SID - Click to check it out on AmazonIs being a slowcoach such a bad thing?  Well, my latest book attempts to answer this very question…

Those of you who are familiar with my work will know that I’ve so far focussed on adult fiction & non-fiction.  And now I’ve finally turning my attention to children’s stories.

The first in a Small World series is a story about Slowcoach Sid, who’s definitely NOT the fastest snail in the garden!  Even for a snail, Sid is slow, and he often gets teased and moaned about it.  However, after a chat with Gramps – the oldest snail around – Sid comes to realise that there’s more to life than moving fast.

Slowcoach Sid is an edited-down version of a children’s story I wrote a few years back now, which was shortlisted for an international children’s writing competition.  And I decided to illustrate the book myself as well.

Strong SteveThe sad news is that I can’t share any pictures from the book with you here!  Unfortunately, I’ve been having a few difficulties with this blog over the past few months with no response on the technical front as yet. [Postscript: Yippee!  Since writing, I’ve managed to iron out the technical problems – hence pix in this blog!]

Still, looking on the bright side, the book has now been published with Amazon (,, etc)…  and if you hop on over to there, your appetite will be whetted with a free LOOK INSIDE preview of the book cover and the first pages of the book.  The book is suitable for children of around age 5 or 6 to read, or else it can be read aloud to younger ones who can also enjoy the colourful pictures.

The book is currently available in ebook format, but if you don’t have a Kindle, fear not!  These days, there are apps available for just about every device imaginable.  So if you have an iPad or other tablet, Smartphone, or just a humble PC or Mac, click here to check out the various Kindle apps.  What’s more, the reading apps are FREE (and easy, so I hear) to download.

For the time being, I’m selling Slowcoach Sid exclusively on Amazon.  Their KDP Select Program helps writers promote their work, and publishing via one far-reaching platform means I’m free to work on new stories for a while instead of learning how to format the book to other outlets.  In any case, look out for offers coming up over the next several months – all of which will be posted on this blog (unless those pesky critter technical difficulties make it impossible, of course!).

Stuffed StuHitching the Launch…?
Having uploaded my book onto Amazon a few days ago, I was a bit disappointed to see that the first ‘inside page’ of the book wasn’t shown in the LOOK INSIDE facility.  Hopefully Amazon will rectify this soon.  However, since the page only showed a synopsis and the copyright info, I didn’t want to let it put me off announcing the book’s publication this weekend.  So if you want to check it out, here are the links:

SLOWCOACH SID - Click to check it out on Amazon
Slowcoach Sid on

Slowcoach Sid on

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Here’s looking forward to releasing more children’s stories in the Small World series in the not-too-distant future, with characters such as Wrigley the Worm, Tess the Tortoise and Kylie the Kookaburra.  Check out the Children’s Stories page on my website for the ‘lowdown’ on projects I’m currently working on.


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