Apologies to my subscribers, who will have received that last blog without a title.  It should have been called RADIO SLOT – More Writing on the Waves.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a few minor technical problems with WordPress before, and presently I’m just managing to work around a few new glitches in the system.  As anyone knows who’s done a blog, there doesn’t appear to be any real real support for certain kinds of problems.  But never mind, one perseveres!

In any case, apologies again.  The blog has now been updated, so anyone reading it on the ‘net will be able to see the title.


About Alannah Foley

Alannah Foley... aka 'The Pyjama Writer' Author of Light Mysteries, Short Fiction, Travel Tales, and more... To find out more go to www.thepyjamawriter.com
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