RADIO SLOT – More Writing on the Waves

It feels like I’ve come a long way since I first appeared on local radio reading a story I’d written for a library competition a few years ago.  And last Friday morning, Marj James kindly invited me onto her show on Radio St Austell Bay in Cornwall (UK) to read more of my work.

For a week, you can access the station’s listen again facility and hear me thoroughly enjoying myself chatting with Marj and reading some of my poetry and prose.  How to do it?  Just click on the listen again link and hover your cursor over the ‘Listen with Marj’ listing in the menu at the bottom; click on that and the show will start loading (note, the usual ‘hyperlink hand’ doesn’t appear!).

You can access the broadcast for a week (ie till either Thursday 12 Sept night/Friday 13 Sept morning – err… not sure when exactly).

This is the fourth time I’ve appeared on Marj’s show, and this time I took along quite a selection of writing – mostly extracts from my currently-published works – ranging from light-hearted to darker pieces.

Anyway, to whet your appetite, here’s an overview of what I read, along with links to where you can find out more on my website…

First off, I read Lying in a Ditch, a chapter from my satirical book, Cycling Widows.  As many of you know, I live with an obsessive cyclist who spends many an hour out on his bike training.  This piece light-heartedly explores the ‘deep well of dread’ that many a Cycling Widow experiences whenever her other half goes out to face the dangers that lurk on our roads.

In 1993, I travelled to my Australian birthplace and lived there for five years.  The Jacaranda Trail book and a shorter freebie ebook called Under an Australian Sky emerged from my journey there.

From these books, I read WWOOFing with Pigs (where I’m being terrorized by a huge pig on a farm); a lyrical piece inspired by a walk along the ocean front at dusk; and a short poem (about being terrorized by mosquitoes this time!).

From SHADES, my collection of short fictional works, I read Living with the Enemy and Love Changes Everything.  The former deals with OCD and the latter is a rather cynical view of one man’s relationship.  Let’s hope I didn’t lose a few listeners reading a couple of darker pieces!

Marj did a real plug for my website, but just in case anyone missed it (doubtful!), it’s  On the site, you can sample my books for free, there are links to all my sales outlets (including Amazon), and there’s a whole bunch of poems, short stories, articles and short ebooks which can be read on the website or downloaded for free (printable & ebook formats available).  There’s even some nice photography to go with it all!

Anyway, by the end of the week, another of Marj’s guests will have ‘taken the hot seat’ on the listen again link, so if you want to catch me on the show, click now and fill yer boots!

Being on Marj’s show was a real pleasure, and I sincerely hope you enjoy listening, too!



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Alannah Foley... aka 'The Pyjama Writer' Author of Light Mysteries, Short Fiction, Travel Tales, and more... To find out more go to
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