From Digital to Physical – Celebrating First Books in Print

Click to find out more about the Jacaranda Trail bookClick to find out more about the Campervan Capers bookYou may remember that, back in January, I blogged that the first print proofs of my books, Campervan Capers and The Jacaranda Trail, had arrived.  Up till now, they’ve only been available in digital format – downloadable for eReaders, screen reading or home printing.  So I’m happy to finally be able to announce that the books are now ready and waiting to be bought by the public at large – including those of you who have been waiting to touch, taste, smell – and read, of course – physical copies of the books.

If you haven’t come across this blog before, you probably won’t know that both books involve travel of one sort of another…  Campervan Capers has a pretty self-explanatory title, whilst The Jacaranda Trail is the tale of my five-year stint Down Under.

To read the full blurbs and sample the books, simply click on the titles above to visit the relevant book pages on the Foley’s Forum website.  You’ll find links to the various outlets (whether you want a physical or digital book) and there’s even a book trailer for Campervan Capers!

BOOKS - WS JPG 3 Travel Freebies together


As far as travel writing goes, the Campervan Capers 2 sequel is still available as a free download, as is The Welsh Leek Conspiracy, a travel tale from Campervan Capers.  Both have trailers on their web pages.  I’ve also recently released Under an Australian Sky, a short free ebook of reflections on life Down Under, which is a great accompaniment to The Jacaranda Trail.

As always, my ebooks are downloadable in just about every format – you don’t even need an eReader to read them!  But whichever format you choose, I sincerely hope you enjoy the read!


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Alannah Foley... aka 'The Pyjama Writer' Author of Light Mysteries, Short Fiction, Travel Tales, and more... To find out more go to
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