Books in Print - The Jacaranda Trail & Campervan CapersAnnouncing the First Proofs of
Campervan Capers and The Jacaranda Trail

Not long after my Bimblin’ Round Belgium post on the Campervan Capers blog, way back in spring last year, I took a long-overdue break from my frequent forays into cyberspace.  However, despite a lull on the blogging front, there’s been plenty going on behind the scenes…

Those of you who’ve followed my blog (in the dim, dark past when I used to pull my finger out and post regularly!) will know that I’ve been steadily releasing each of my books with Smashwords and Amazon since September 2011.

Still, despite the fact you can download my books in a printable PDF format, they haven’t – up till now – been available to purchase as a traditional print book.  So, knowing that there are still folk out there who like to read a real, tangible book, I’ve been working to self-publish my two longer travel books: Campervan Capers (A Couple’s First Year Exploring the World of Campervanning) and The Jacaranda Trail (A Journey of Discovery Down Under).

Now, thanks to CreateSpace (an Amazon company), the dream is becoming a reality – and recently, the first book proofs arrived on my doorstep!

There’s still a little way to go yet, but I’m looking forward to letting readers know when the books will be available to purchase in print.

In the meantime, why not visit the books page of the Foley’s Forum website and find out more about Campervan Capers and The Jacaranda Trail if you haven’t already done so?

The website has had a bit of a revamp over the past few months.  There are nifty new links for each sales outlet as well as book trailers for Campervan Capers and its free downloadable sequel.  I’ve also added links so visitors can read book contents and chapter samples on the website itself (previously you were rerouted to Smashwords for this)…  And, while you’re on the site, why not have a laugh with my infamous Faux Reviews given by Pseudo-Celebrities?


There are currently a few other exciting new projects bubbling away on the backburner which I’ll be working on more fully once Campervan Capers and The Jacaranda Trail are in print.  I’m keeping these under wraps for the time being, but will be announcing more over the coming months.

So if you’d like to be the first to hear the latest news, why not subscribe to this blog (in the panel on the right), click ‘like’ on the Foley’s Forum Facebook page to receive a newsfeed, or join me on Twitter or other social networking sites?


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