Smashwords – July Summer/Winter Sale

Back in March, you might remember that I took part in a Read an eBook Week promotion.  Well now, my publisher, Smashwords, is giving its authors the opportunity of putting their books into the summer sale (or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere!).

Having signed up to the promotion, this means that my books will be offered at a 50% discount for the entire month of July.  As you may know, some of my works are already free; and anything currently retailing at 99 cents will also be free after the discount.


I’ve published works in various genres, both fiction & non-fiction, so there’s bound to be something to appeal to readers.  If you’d like to take part in the promotion, all you have to do to begin is click to visit my Smashwords Author Page.  Here, you’ll find out more details on each of my books: Cycling Widows, The Jacaranda Trail, SHADES and Campervan Capers, as well as a couple of short freebies adapted from the books: The Welsh Leek Conspiracy and The Intrepid Adventures of Ralph Ingleton.

To get the books at the reduced rate, just do the following:

  • Log into Smashwords
  • Choose a book you like & ‘purchase’ it
  • At the checkout, enter code: SSW50

This discount will be ‘live’ on the Smashwords website at one minute past midnight on July 1, and expires 11:59pm on July 31 (Pacific time).  And, as always, my books are available in a variety of digital formats – for eReaders and home printing.

Such promotions are a great way for readers to sample authors’ works, so as well as checking out my own stuff, why not browse round and see what other authors are offering?  Visit the Smashwords home page during July where I understand there’ll be a link to a special catalogue with all books entered into the promotion.

I hope you find something on Smashwords that will appeal…

Happy reading!

Campervan Capers 2
 is currently being formatted in preparation for publication shortly.  This will be an adaptation of the Campervan Capers blog entries from 2011, available here in a free handy eBook format.


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