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Now that the Campervan Capers book (and its ‘side-kick’ travel tale, The Welsh Leek Conspiracy) are published & online for sale with Smashwords, it’s time to move ahead and get the work publicised…

Having never put together a video, I thought that publicity route would be far too great a task for me…  But then inspiration hit one day, and I decided to see if I could come up with a basic video that would still look professional enough for the job.

To my surprise, within a short space of time, I somehow managed to put together some of our travel photos, learn the fundamentals of Window Movie Maker, rustle up a backing track and work out how to get a decent enough recording to accompany the video.  (I might be a one-fingered wonder when it comes to the keyboards, but being four-chord wonders never put Status Quo off!)

I’m now pleased to let you know that you can check out the spoils of my labours (of love) on my new YouTube channelFoley’s Forum Videos.  So far, there’s a ‘promo’ video for the Campervan Capers book as well as The Welsh Leek Conspiracy.  Click on the links to view.

Publicising your work is amazingly time-consuming.  In fact, it’s a wonder I get to write anything at all at the moment!  Even so, putting together a few videos has kept my creative juices flowing, and it’s nice to do something a bit different after working on my books for the past several months.

In any case, if you feel inspired to help me spread the word about my work, the videos let you share them with friends & family as well as ‘like’ them.  I appreciate all the support, positive comments & blog ‘likes’ I’ve had over past months and hope you continue to gain some enjoyment from what I have to share.


Now that the videos are online, I’ll be working on Campervan Capers 2, which my regular readers will be aware is a free handy downloadable sequel to the original book, based on the 2011 entries from the Campervan Capers blog.

And, of course, you can look forward to a few more entries on the blog…  Some of you will be wondering where on Earth the next instalment of Steve’s Cycle Shorts is…  You know, the one about the Tour of Flanders…?  Well, it’s still on its way, and all I can do is apologise…  At this time of year, Steve’s constantly busy with training, races and more training, so is a hard one to pin down to get anything written.  Such is the life of a Cycling Widow!

Happy YouTubing!


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