RADIO SLOT – Poetry & Prose on the Waves

Well, nursing wisdom tooth pain this week, I’ve been so caught up in my own little world that I’ve been too slack to let you know that I actually appeared on the radio yesterday morning reading some of my poetry and prose.  But, ‘stay tuned’, all is not lost!

Marj James is the presenter of the Friday morning poetry slot on Radio St Austell Bay, a community radio station in Cornwall (UK), and she was kind enough to have me on as her guest.  Sorry to disappoint if you thought I was hitting the big time on BBC’s Radio 4, folks!  But then, some say it’s better to be a big fish in a little pond than a little fish in a big one.  (Personally, I prefer my human form right now.)

In any case, I’ve appeared on Marj’s show a couple of times over the past few years, after winning prizes in local story-writing competitions.  The competitions were great for getting my writing juices flowing again – and no doubt jump-started a few other writers, too.  They were also instrumental in putting me back on the road to doing more with ideas that had been stagnating in my filing cabinets for too long.

The show may now be over, but Radio St Austell Bay now has a ‘listen again’ facility, so if you’re desperate to hear me trip over my own words occasionally, why not click on the link?  You can access the broadcast for a week to hear me read a selection of poetry and a couple of longer pieces of prose.

Only The Burnt Side of the Toast currently gets a mention on the poetry page of my website, so the rest of the poems – Family of Cups, There’s Nothing Worse, and Free as a Bird – are being released for the first time onto an unsuspecting public.

As for the prose, I read The Welsh Leek Conspiracy, a short, light-hearted extract from my most recent book, Campervan Capers (also available as a free download); and a short story called Cleanliness is Close to Godliness.  This is set in a ‘topsy turvy’ world where being a cleaner is on a par with being a celebrity.  The story is published in my collection of short fictional works, SHADES.  Click on the links if you’d like to find out more & to download free samples of the books.

Once the week’s up, I’m guessing you’ll get another of Marj’s guests at the above link – so don’t leave it too long to click on the link if your heart’s set on listening to me (Heaven help you).

As for the wisdom tooth…  Although it appears to be healing up nicely now, it doesn’t yet seem to have bestowed any wisdom upon me.  So it looks like all I can do now is hold out for a miracle!


Foley’s Forum started off as a website, which then grew into the Foley’s Forum blogspace…  And soon you’ll find out how I’m branching out into yet another medium!

There’ll also be more coming up shortly about the Campervan Capers sequel.  So keep your eyes peeled for news on the blog, or subscribe to be the first to hear the latest!


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