SANTA CLAUSTRALIAN (or: Saint Nick Down Under)

Have you ever wondered how hard it is for Santa & his reindeer to deliver presents in Australia?  No?  Well, by the time you’ve finished reading Santa Claustralian, you might just have some idea…

Rooting through my Down Under writing archives, I found a festive piece called Santa Claustralian – and was amazed to discover I wrote it 15 years ago!

When I lived in Australia, I regularly sent a Capeless Crusades newsletter to friends & family back in England which I wrote & illustrated – all by hand.  It’s hard to believe when I look back now: no ‘cheating’ by doing it on computer.

The quality of the original artwork unfortunately doesn’t reproduce that well, but I’ve included it anyway, since I enjoyed drawing it so much.  Just click on the link to read the piece which I’ve newly posted in the travel articles section of the Foley’s Forum website.

In any case, I HO! HO! HOPE you enjoy it and have a wonderful Christmas!  (Err…  sorry, I think I’ve done that ‘HO! HO! HOPE’ thing already somewhere…  It’s probably wearing a bit thin by now!)


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