Awesome Autumn


If, like me, you love the vibrant colours of autumn, why not check out my photo collages on the Foley’s Forum website?

I’m sure I have lots more photos tucked away somewhere waiting to be ‘developed’, so maybe one day I’ll get round to working on those, too.


On the poetry page of the Foley’s Forum website, there’s also a new poem about autumn: The Colourful Illusion of Death.

Enjoy the above – but above all, enjoy the season!


About Alannah Foley

Alannah Foley... aka 'The Pyjama Writer' Author of Light Mysteries, Short Fiction, Travel Tales, and more... To find out more go to
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3 Responses to Awesome Autumn

  1. planaquarium says:

    Stunning photos on your website – the colors just pop!

    • Thanks very much! Glad you like the pix. The top collage photos were taken a few years ago at a place called Westonbirt, which is a massive arboretum in the Cotswolds in England. People flock there every autumn to check out the colourful splendour, especially as they have lots of different maples there. I obviously saturate the colours to ‘pop’ them (I love your description!) – although, I have to say, if you have a good autumn, it’s stunning enough anyway.

      I hope you don’t mind, but I took a look at your blog as well – lovely photography and poetry. Loved some of your acrostics!


  2. planaquarium says:

    I also like to play with color/shadow; sometimes the camera doesn’t do an image justice. Thank you for visiting my blog – I look forward to more posts from you as well!

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