Cycling Widows – Pedalling to the Majors

Those of you who have been keeping tabs on Cycling Widows will know that it was released for sale with Smashwords last month.

Smashwords also gives writers the option of getting their work distributed to major retailers.  Before this is done, everything is checked to ensure it complies with the standards they set.  Well, a couple of formatting glitches and a few tweaks later, and I’m really pleased to hear that Cycling Widows has now been approved and will be on sale with companies such as Barnes & Noble, Sony and Apple within the next few weeks.

As for purchasing with Smashwords, I’ve started off with a low initial purchase price of $2.99 (approx £1.85) and will be holding this till the end of the year.

I’ll also be offering discounted vouchers on occasion, and would particularly welcome hearing from anyone who runs a cycling club…  Perhaps you could raffle off a few discounted vouchers to raise money for your club in exchange for spreading the word to club members or posting a book review?  If the idea appeals, just email me via the Contact/Links page of my Foley’s Forum website.

In the meantime, if you don’t know what the book is about yet, why not find out more on the Cycling Widows Smashwords page.  And to be the first to hear about occasional offers, why not subscribe to The Foley’s Forum Blog?

CYCLING WIDOWS – Lifting the Veil on Living with an Obsessive Cyclist

Written by a long-suffering Cycling Widow, this is a satirical look at the world of cycling, and might just save a few marriages – as well as many a bike from being fed into the garden mulcher.  A ‘must read’ for fanatical cyclists & Cycling Widows alike.


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