JACARANDA TRAIL – Launch Giveaway!

Having languished in my filing cabinet for a long time while I worked on other projects, The Jacaranda Trail has now finally seen the light of day.  It’s been tweaked & formatted, and is now available for purchase with Smashwords in digital format – to download for eReaders or for home printing.

In short, the book is based on a five-year stint I made to my Australian birthplace back in my mid-twenties.  Without any real idea of what I’d do once I got there, I ended up learning & experiencing things I could never have bargained on before leaving England – from finding long-lost family to living in different settings, like a tent on a camel farm.

The Jacaranda Trail will appeal to those interested in travel writing or less conventional lifestyles, as well as genealogy buffs – although, as I say in the blurb, it’s “not so much a how-to of family history research, as what can happen when the results are in”.

To celebrate the launch, I’m offering FREE downloads of the book.  Just click on the link, log into Smashwords and enter coupon code WX54R…  But hurry!  The code is only valid till the end of the week and expires on Friday 11th November!  Feel free to pass on the good news to others who you think might be interested, and if you enjoy the book, why not consider posting a short review on Smashwords?

The Jacaranda Trail is currently going through a submission process to get the book released with major retailers like Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and so on.  I’ll keep blog readers informed of details as I hear more.

See below for a short book description and visit Smashwords to download a free sample if it takes your fancy.  Also look out for my infamous ‘faux reviews’ on my Foley’s Forum website.


A Journey of Discovery Down Under

Would you just sell everything, ditch your plans

And buy a ticket to the other side of the world?

In her twenties, the author did just that

And got much more than she could ever have bargained for …

Raised in England of British-Australian parentage, the author sells her possessions and flies to her birthplace in Sydney with no solid plans or timetable in mind.

Discovering by chance that she has another sister, a whole new world opens up: from living on a camel farm and picnicking with kooka­burras, to paddock baths, unconventional lifestyles, City Farming and much, much more…

But, before she returns to England, she has one last thing to do: to go in search of her grandmother – the woman who left her daughter to be brought up by cruel nuns in an orphanage…


About Alannah Foley

Alannah Foley... aka 'The Pyjama Writer' Author of Light Mysteries, Short Fiction, Travel Tales, and more... To find out more go to www.thepyjamawriter.com
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