Cycling Widows – Is The End of the Race in Sight?

Finally!  After toiling away to get my Foley’s Forum website & blog launched, I’m happy to say that I’m at last able to put the finishing touches to the manuscript of my new Cycling Widows book.

As the partner of a cycling fanatic, I am what is known in the cycling fraternity as a Cycling Widow.  The book’s subtitle, Lifting the Veil on Living with an Obsessive Cyclist sums it up to a T, and in it I share my Widow’s-eye view of the cycling world – although you don’t have to be a ‘cyclomaniac’ or Cycling Widow to enjoy the nuggets of humorous insight.

Sampling the Wares

If I’ve whetted your appetite at all, why not visit the Cycling Widows page on the Foley’s Forum website – just click on – to read the full blurb & a sample chapter.

Avid cyclists in particular will also enjoy my infamous ‘faux reviews’ (link at the bottom of the Cycling Widows page), which are loosely based on real-life cycling characters.

The Publishing Conundrum

For some time now, I’ve been researching the various publishing options and mulling over the pros & cons of seeking a formal publisher versus ‘being my own boss’ and uploading the manuscript myself for conversion into eBook format.

Personally, I love to read an ‘old-fashioned’ book.  However, the digital age is upon us and more people are downloading eBooks all the time.  So, with this in mind, I’m now looking at getting my work published with Smashwords, which will enable the work to be downloaded for a variety of eReaders or for home printing.  And, of course, once Cycling Widows is ‘out there’ in the depths of Cyberspace, there’s always the possibility of it floating by the eye of a print publisher.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming publication info, which I’ll post once things progress.  Or why not subscribe to the blog to receive automatic notifications of my various projects (including Cycling Widows) via the Subscribe Here box on the right.  You’ll also be among the first to hear about introductory offers when the eBook is launched.

I look forward to reading any thoughts you may have, which you are welcome to type into the comments box below…


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